Traditional Thai Massage

 Relieves stress and tension.

Involves a combination of deep tissue, pressure & stretching

Neck & Shoulder Massage


To relieve upper body tension & stress.  

Aromatherapy Thai Massage


Using natural oils combined with a relaxing massage to detoxify, rejuvenate and energise the mind, body & soul.

Reflexology Foot Massage 

 A traditional style of foot massage that focuses on the pressure points that help improve the circulation of blood around the body.

 Opening hours:

7 DAYS A WEEK 9am to 9pm

​Call us on 01635 580044 / 07763 117428

Orchid Thai Therapy @ SUAY 

62 Northbrook Street 


Berkshire RG14 1AH

An introduction to Traditional Thai Massage


Traditional Thai Massage is believed to have been developed by the Buddha's physician over 2500 years ago.  It made its way to Thailand where the Ayurvedic principles became influenced by Traditional Chinese Medicine.  For centuries it was practised by Buddhist monks as a branch of Traditional Thai Medicine.

To this day the most skilled exponents of these ancient techniques are still trained at temples in Thailand.

Our therapists trained at Wat Pho Buddhist Temple in Bangkok.  

Welcome to Orchid Thai Therapy @ SUAY.

From a desire comes an idea, from the idea to share the wonders of Thai Cosmetics SUAY was born.

Our first product launched was SUAY Thai Intensive Hair Treatment Mask, then the addition to the portfolio of SUAY Facial Cleansing Soap and we have just launched a Natural Rosehip Oil (using ethically sourced Rosa Canina buds).  This is proving very popular around the world (especially in Thailand!)

All our cosmetics are available in our Flagship Newbury store along with other hand selected products.

We also offer a range of Traditional Thai Therapies, which of course use our SUAY products.


  • Traditional Thai Massage - £55/60mins & £80/90mins
  • Reflexology Thai Foot Massage - £35/30mins & £45/60mins
  • Neck & Shoulder Massage - £55/60mins
  • Aromatherapy Thai Massage - £60/60mins & £85/90mins
  • SUAY Thai Mixed Massage - £90/90mins
  • Thai Facial Massage & Treatment - £90/90mins
  • Thai Hot Herbal Compress Massage​ - £70/60mins & £95/90mins
  • Thai Steam Aromatherapy Massage - £70/60mins & £95/90mins