Our Newbury Spa is located at 107 Bartholomew Street, Newbury, RG14 5DT.

We have private therapy rooms offering Traditional Thai Massage therapies, aswell as a number of chairs for Reflexology Thai Foot Massage.

Why not try our new range of Thai therapies - Thai Face Massage & Thai Herbal Compress Massage or the unique Orchid Mixed Massage!? A blend of deep tissue & Aromatherapy.... the best of both worlds!

Therapy room also available to rent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis - ideal base for your beauty or therapy business!!


Introduction & Therapy Price List

Price list 2017/18

Traditional Thai Massage

Involves a combination of deep tissue, pressure & stretching.  This massage is applied using thumbs, hands, elbows, knees or feet.  The person receiving the massage wears comfortable loose clothing.  No oils are used with this massage.

​60 minutes - £50

90 minutes - £70

Reflexology Thai Foot Massage

A traditional style of foot massage that focuses on the pressure points that help improve circulation of the blood around the body.  A relaxing massage using Thai cream and finishes with a massage of the upper back, neck & head.

30 minutes - £30

60 minutes - £40

Neck & Shoulder Massage

This massage can aid back & neck pain, and relieve tension & stress.  Ideal for those who lead a busy life and need an hour of relaxation!

​60 minutes - £45

Aromatherapy Thai Massage

Using natural oils this massage combines Traditional Thai Massage with Swedish Oil Massage.  The ultimate in total body relaxation to detoxify, rejuvenate and energize the mind, body & soul.

60 minutes - £55

90 minutes - £75

NEW - Thai Hot Herbal Compress Massage

During a full-body Traditional Thai Massage, the hot herbal compress is pressed over the entire body in order to soothe muscles and stimulate the vital organs and senses.

60 minutes - £60

90 minutes - £80

NEW - Orchid Mixed Thai Massage

For those that enjoy a deep tissue massage and the relaxation of an Aromatherapy Massage.  Using our exotic massage oils this therapy combines Traditional Thai & Thai Aromatherapy Massage to create our signature therapy.

90 minutes - £80

NEW - Orchid Thai Facial Treatment & Massage

Facial massages can help relieve stress and tension, and this therapy includes a deep cleanse of the face, exfoliation, toning and moisturising.  The face, head, neck & shoulders will all be massaged to completed this extremely relaxing therapy.

Suitable for all skins types.

​90 minutes - £70

Baby & Infant Massage

A very soft massage that can aid relaxation for your baby/infant.

60 minutes - £40

We accept all major credit cards.

Please call us on 07763 117428 to book an appointment

or email info@orchidthaitherapy.co.uk